commander ici la marque que Maria utilise

moi j'aime celui la

celui la aussi

et j'utilise la gelatine aussi

celui la est marin et avec acide hyaluronique et vitamine C car il est important de prendre de la vitamine C avec le collagene


Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. It is the tough stuff that makes up tree bark and nutshells.

There is a lot of it in grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and certain fruits. It passes through our entire digestive tract practically untouched.

Not even the bacteria in our gut flora can easily digest it.

Insoluble fiber is said to be good for us because it can “bulk up our stool” and help “keep things moving,” but there is growing evidence that fiber can actually be detrimental to digestive health.

It can elongate and irritate the bowel, which can cause serious issues.

I hear every day I need fiber to to avoid constipation.

Studies have shown that reducing fiber consumption actually reduces constipation.

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