je suis triste je viens de lire que Dr  Einsen est décédé en aout 2012

video a voir sans faute il y en a 3 et cé gratuit - this is a must see video its free

vous voulez plus d'infos votre animal a un cancer voici le site du Dr Einsen dont je suis membres il faut payer, mais si votre animal a un cancer ca vaut la peine vous payez 25$ et cé fini et vous avez accès a pleins d'infos comme ceci

The Dog Cancer Diet – Homemade Food

This explains the basic healing nutrition and diet for dogs with cancer. Learn how to make healthy, homemade food easily and inexpensively.

Cancer Causing Toxins

Essential information. You must eliminate toxins if you want to give your dog the best chance of overcoming cancer.

Vaccination Information

Everyone should know this important information about vaccinations. You need to watch this to protect your dog.

Muscle Testing Videos (MTV’s)

Instruction to practice your muscle testing skills.

Burzynski Movie

How the FDA suppresses non-conventional cancer treatments. This is a full length movie.

Food Matters

This movie explores the relationship between cancer and nutrition.

Cut, Poison, Burn

Film trailer about conventional and alternative cancer.

The Power of Heart and Mind to Heal Illnesses

How your thoughts can influence healing.

10 Tips to Manage Stress

A 2 minute video with helpful tips to manage stress.

Every Day

This song gave me hope and inspiration when I was dealing with Fergie's cancer. It served to increased my awareness of how grateful I was to have her in my life. Fergie loved this song too!

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