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Time To Take Your Abs To The Next Level...

Introducing PowerAbs 2.0. My All New, Even More Challenging, Six-Pack Ab Shredding Workouts... Just For You!

New Movements & Higher Intensity Means More Calories Burned!

PowerAbs 2.0 introduces you to all-new, even more challenging movements so that you will see ab-defining results faster.

Each workout is designed to burn even more calories through high-intensity movements to fire up your 6 pack muscles and your obliques.

These more intense workouts will shape, shred, and define your core like no other.

Plus, for the very first time, PowerAbs 2.0 introduces arms, shoulders, and upper back exercises to give you that sleeker, stronger, more defined look you desire.

Extreme PowerAbs 

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10 Minutes. 30 Days. Maximum Results!

Extreme PowerAbs does what no other abs program does… Makes you stronger, leaner, and gives you insane ripped abs!

If you’re ready to be pushed harder and get stronger, leaner, insane abs…give me 10 minutes a day and it will happen!

You'll work abs muscles you didn't even know existed!

If you’re looking for stronger, leaner, ripped abs, the fastest, and the best way to get them is through the high-intensity workouts you’ll do in Extreme PowerAbs.

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The first step in your journey to great abs!

Introduction To PowerAbs is your no excuse, 10-minute a day, beginners level abs workout program that anyone can do.

You will see and feel a difference in your body, have more definition, and shred inches in only 30 days!

Introduction To PowerAbs helps you to get all of the benefits of my original PowerAbs workout - flatter stomach, trimmer waist, and stronger core that works up a sweat - without high impact, high-intensity movements.

Introduction To PowerAbs is a lower intensity program designed for people who are starting to workout, who do light to moderate workouts, and are looking to go farther to build their abs.

Perfect Pull-Up

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Imagine Doing Your First Pull-Up In 30 Days... Guaranteed!

If you’re like most women you’ve been told, "you’re not strong enough to do pull-ups". You’ve been told “you don’t have the upper body strength”, or that “you weigh too much”, and a whole bunch of other ridiculous, excuses that are simply wrong!

Women Can Do Regular Pull-Ups!

- Not with bands!
- Not with assistance!
- Not jumping pull-ups!
I’m talking about strict, unassisted pull-ups!

If you can’t do a pull-up (and very much want to), I will make you strong enough over the next 30 days so you’re doing pull-ups.

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The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Building A Six-Pack!

My 10 Minute, High-Intensity Workout Program For You and Your Favorite Workout Partner

If you’re ready to go after those rock-solid abs, and want to have a blast while doing it, grab your best friend, work-out with me 10 minutes a day, and it will happen!

Partner PowerAbs takes the best abs workouts and adds a twist - fun, dynamic, partner movements. You’ll jump over each other, roll under each other, balance each other, encourage each other, and laugh your way to great looking abs!

PowerAbs for Moms j'ai celui la 

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For Moms Who Only Have 10 Minutes...

Every Mom Wants Their Abs Back! In 30 Days You’ll Have Yours Back... Only Better!

You need, no deserve, a program to help you hit your goals without taking time away from your life.

PowerAbs For Moms is the program we created especially for you to get your abs only 10 minutes a day!

The movements in PowerAbs for Moms are more basic in level because you need to learn how to reactivate your core.

If you’ve just had a baby, your deeper stabilizing muscles have not been working the same. It’s important to start off slower and focus on very basic ab exercises.

Depending on the physical shape you’re in, each of the Three Levels is intended to strengthen your core, adductor, and glutes.

Level 1 is the foundation of the program. Level 2 is more intermediate. Level 3 is more advanced for those of you who are in top shape and want to get pushed even further.

You can mix levels and advance in the Levels based on your fitness level to get your best abs ever!

PowerAbs in the Kitchen j'ai celui la 

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Your 30-Day Meal Plan for getting insane abs while you're doing the PowerAbs program!

PowerAbs In The Kitchen is the perfect combination with PowerAbs to help you reach your fitness goals faster, and lose weight while becoming healthier.

PowerAbs In The Kitchen contains over 75 healthy, simple-to-follow, easy to make, delicious recipes to help you see the most dramatic results you possibly can while you're doing the PowerAbs programs.

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